3This area provides an opportunity for individual members to contribute to the development and enhancement of the economic infrastructure, prosperity, and well being for self and for all nations. Almost all members of Junior Chamber are involved in some business activity – working on their own, for another company, or preparing to open their own business. The Junior Chamber was established in 1920 to give young people an active voice in the business community. This same purpose is now found in the Business Area of Opportunity and divided into four Commissions: Marketing and Public Relations; Strategic Planning; Financial Management; and Business Opportunities.

The Jaycees also provide top level training opportunities in areas such as communication, marketing, conflict resolution, leadership development, sales, advertising, and much more. In addition to these professional development opportunities, the networks created through the Jaycees can help any business, of any size, in any geographical location. The Jaycees are an international organization with more than 200,000 members; what can that do for your business?

Portfolios Represented: Management (Financial Management, Strategic Planning, and Business Opportunities), Marketing (Marketing & Public Relations), and Training (Business Opportunities).

Professional Skills Competitions

The Michigan Jaycees Professional Skills Competitions are a great way for Redford Jaycees to improve their personal and their professional skills.

Competitions include:

Prepared and Impromptu Write Up (writing essays on specific topics).

Prepared and Impromptu Speak Up (giving speeches on specific topic).

Online Professional Networking (evaluation of your online identity such as LinkedIn)

Film It! (a short video is created based on specific topics)

Armbruster and Brownfield Competitions (Resume and portfolio submissions with an interview component).

This year, the Michigan Jaycees have even added a Jayteen category to begin getting our younger members involved!

Passport to Leadership

The Passport to Leadership Program is a step by step guide in how to get the most our of your Jaycee membership. In a checklist format, each member checks off "tasks" that are completed within each Degree. When a member completes each task in the Degree, they are recognized for their accomplishments. While is takes time and effort, each member has the opportunity to reach the highest level in the program, becoming a 10th Degree Jaycee, which offers recognition at a United States Jaycees Conference!

Some of the tasks include:

Chairing a Jaycee project

Meet with local government officials

Participate in a Michigan Jaycee Competition

Recognize an issue in your community and develop a plan to address it

Each task not only builds the member's personal and professional growth, but also encourages them to become active citizens!

We Build Leaders

All aspects of our organization are devoted to polishing the leadership skills of our members. The programs and events with which we are involved generally mirror “real world” experiences. Jaycees regularly learn and practice speaking, writing, budgeting, teamwork, marketing, interpersonal and many other skills which make them more valuable to their employers and more successful in life.  Members also gain leadership experience by serving on the chapter’s Board of Directors.

Our members have taken the skills that they have learned from being a Jaycee and applied them to their personal and professional lives. This means different things to different people, but includes job promotions, becoming an influence in your community, or even starting your own business!

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