1806873735164First, ask yourself "what am I passionate about?" 

Do you want to seek success in business or your career?

Do you want an active role in the civic life of your community; to meet and work with new acquaintances and interesting people, and to enlarge your social contact with others of similar age and interests?

Are you tired of the same routine – go to work and then go home just so that you can go to work again…day in and day out?

If you want to do more, experience more, and accomplish more every day, you should invest your time in the Redford Jaycees. The Junior Chamber movement has been helping young active citizens improve their skills, create new networks, and build long lasting friendships since 1920. The Redford Jaycees have built leaders since 1955, and have a long tradition of excellence in helping our members explore new opportunities. Join us today, and change your future.

Junior Jaycees

Our Junior Jaycees program was developed to provide a fun way for the children of Redford Jaycees to become involved in the community, as well as begin to develop social and leadership skills. Our Junior Jaycees are ages 0 - 13 years old and must be the child of a current Redford Jaycee or alumni.

The Juniors are currently very involved in our Community Gardens as the first members of the Veggie Heads. They also conduct their own meetings where they have fun, do crafts, and are also sponsoring a US soldier over seas!

Redford JayTeens

The Redford Jaycees Jayteens program is for youth 14 – 20 years of age who are interested in gaining leadership, community, and professional skills in a fun and active environment.

The Jayteens consist of a group of youth with their own governing Committee, with guidance and oversight from the Redford Jaycees, who conduct their own projects and events within the community. The Jayteens is a voluntary program for those who would like to make a difference in their community and to develop their personal growth.

If you are interested in joining the Jayteens, contact lead Advisor Linda at redfordjaycees@gmail.com .

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